Month: March 2016

2,203 Bexhill Homes bought by private landlords in the last 20 years – Is this the end for first time buyers?

There I was, out with the family at Egerton Park last weekend, when a smart gentleman approached me. ‘Hello’, he said, ‘You’re the person that writes that Property Blog aren’t you? We have met before at that Chamber of Commerce meeting in Bexhill a few months ago’. I then recognised him and, whilst I won’t […]

8.6% rise in Bexhill Property Values adds weight to the Town’s Housing Crisis

Bexhill’s continuing housing shortage is putting the town’s (and the Country’s) repute as a nation of homeowners ‘under threat’, as the number of houses being built continues to be woefully inadequate in meeting the ever demanding needs of the growing population in the town.   In fact, I was talking to my Brother-in-law the other day […]