Supply and Demand Issues mean Bexhill Property Values Rise by 7.8% in the Last 12 Months


The most recent set of data from the Land Registry has stated that property values in Bexhill and the surrounding area were 7.88% higher than 12 months ago and 19.52% higher than January 2015. 

Despite the uncertainty over Brexit as Bexhill (and most of the UK’s) property values continue their medium and long-term upward trajectory. As economics is about supply and demand, the story behind the Bexhill property market can also be seen from those two sides of the story. 

Looking at the supply issues of the Bexhill property market, putting aside the short-term dearth of property on the market, one of the main reasons of this sustained house price growth has been down to of the lack of building new homes.   Continue reading “Supply and Demand Issues mean Bexhill Property Values Rise by 7.8% in the Last 12 Months”


Bexhill Baby Boomers vs. Bexhill Millennials (Part 2)

Well last week’s article “The Unfairness of the Bexhill Baby Boomer’s £3,403,330,000 windfall?” caused a stir. In it we looked at a young family member of mine who was arguing the case that Millennials (those born after 1985) were suffering on the back of the older generation in Bexhill. They claimed the older generation had seen the benefit of the cumulative value of Bexhill properties significantly increasing over the last 25/30 years (which I calculated at £3.40bn since 1990). In addition many of the older generation (the baby boomers) had fantastic pensions, which meant the younger generation were priced out of the Bexhill housing market.  Continue reading “Bexhill Baby Boomers vs. Bexhill Millennials (Part 2)”


The Unfairness of the Bexhill Baby Boomer’s £3,403,330,000 Windfall? (Part 1)

Recently I was having a chat with one of my second cousins at a big family get-together. The last time I had seen them their children were in their early teens. Now their children are all grown up, have partners, dogs and children. Wow – how time flies!

So, I got talking over a glass of lemonade with my 2nd cousins and a couple of their children, about the times of 15% interest rates and how the more mature members of our family had to endure the 3 day week, 20% inflation and the threat of nuclear annihilation in 4 minutes … so, foolishly, I said what with all the opportunities youngsters had to day, they had never had it so good! Continue reading “The Unfairness of the Bexhill Baby Boomer’s £3,403,330,000 Windfall? (Part 1)”