Bexhill Property Market – The 12.7% ‘New Build Premium’

According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), more than 26,142 new homes were registered to be built in the South East last year, on par with 2016 levels of 26,147 dwellings. Great news when you consider it is still one of the highest number of new builds in the region since the pre-recession levels of the Credit Crunch and the uncertainty of Brexit and the General Election. Continue reading “Bexhill Property Market – The 12.7% ‘New Build Premium’”


Bexhill’s ‘Millennials’ set to inherit £408,183

That got your attention … didn’t it!

But before we start, what is Generation X, let alone Generation Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers … these are phrases banded around about the different life stages (or subcomponents) of our society. But when terminologies like this are used as often and habitually as these phrases (i.e. Gen X this, Millennial that etc.), it appears particularly vital we have some practical idea of what these terms actually mean. Continue reading “Bexhill’s ‘Millennials’ set to inherit £408,183”


Bexhill’s £139,776,000 “Rentirement” Property Market Time Bomb

Yes, I said ‘rentirement’, not retirement … rentirement and it relates to the 728 (and growing) Bexhill people, who don’t own their own Bexhill home but rent their home, privately from a buy to let landlord and who are currently in their 50’s and early to mid-60’s.

The truth is that these Bexhill people are prospectively soon to retire with little more than their state pension of £155.95 per week, Continue reading “Bexhill’s £139,776,000 “Rentirement” Property Market Time Bomb”


Bexhill Private Rents hit £10.10 per sq. ft.

As I am sure you are aware, one the best things about my job as an agent is helping Bexhill landlords with their strategic portfolio management. Gone are the days of making money by buying any old Bexhill property to rent out or sell on. Nowadays, property investment is both an art and science. The art is your gut reaction to a property, but with the power of the internet and the way the Bexhill property market has gone in the last 11 years, science must also play its part on a property’s future viability for investment. Continue reading “Bexhill Private Rents hit £10.10 per sq. ft.”