Bexhill Property Market Worth More Than Travis Perkins

The value of all the homes in Bexhill has risen by more than 267% in the past two decades, to £3.770bn, meaning its worth more than the stock listed company Travis Perkins, which is worth £3.603bn.

Those Bexhill homeowners and Buy-to-Let landlords who bought their homes twenty or more years ago have come out on top, adding thousands and thousands of pounds to the value of their own Bexhill homes as the younger generation in Bexhill continue to be priced out of the market. This is even more remarkable because, in those twenty years, we had the years of 2008 and 2009 following the global financial crisis, where we saw a short term drop in Bexhill house prices of between 15% and 20% (depending on the type of property). And although there have been a number of consecutive years of growth in property values recently in Bexhill it hasn’t been anywhere near the levels seen in the early 2000’s.

Twenty years ago, the total value of Bexhill property was worth £1.026bn. Over those twenty years, total property values have increased by £2.744bn, meaning today, the total value of all the properties in Bexhill is worth £3.770bn. Even more remarkable, when you consider the FTSE100 has only risen by 40.84% in the same time frame. Also, when I compared it with inflation, i.e. the UK Retail Price Index, inflation had risen by 72.2% during the same twenty years.

So, what does this all mean for Bexhill? Well as we enter the unchartered waters of 2018 and beyond, even though property values are already declining in certain parts of the previously over cooked central London property market, the outlook in Bexhill remains relatively good as over the last five years, the local property market has been a lot more sensible than central London’s.

Bexhill house values will remain resilient for several reasons. Firstly, demand for rental property remains strong with persistent immigration and population growth. Secondly, with 0.25% interest rates, borrowing has never been so cheap and finally, the simple lack of new house building in Bexhill. Not even keeping up with current demand, let alone eating into years and years of under investment mean only one thing – yes it might be a bumpy ride over the next 12 to 24 months but, in the medium term, property ownership and property investment in Bexhill has and always will, out ride out the storm.

In the coming weeks, I will look in greater detail at my thoughts for the 2018 Bexhill Property Market. As always, all my articles can be found at the Bexhill Property Market Blog.  Just go online to and pick from the blogs available.  Best wishes. Patrick Stappleton, Author of the Bexhill Property Blog.




Bexhill Council Tax Payers Stung by 64.42% above Inflation Rise

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Homeownership Amongst Bexhill’s Young Adults Slumps to 46.60%

The degree to which young Bexhill people are locked out of the Bexhill housing market has been revealed in new statistics.

A Bexhill landlord was asking me the other week to what effect homeownership rates in Bexhill in the early to middle aged adult age range had affected the demand for rental property in Bexhill since the Millennium. Continue reading “Homeownership Amongst Bexhill’s Young Adults Slumps to 46.60%”


282 First Timer Buyers in Bexhill Bought Their First Home in 2017

A little bit of good news this week on the Bexhill Property Market as recently released data shows that the number of first time buyers taking out their first mortgage in 2017 increased more than in any other year since the global financial crisis in 2009. The data shows there were 282 first time buyers in Bexhill, the largest number since 2006. Continue reading “282 First Timer Buyers in Bexhill Bought Their First Home in 2017”


An extension could add £69,225 to the value of your Bexhill home

As our families grow bigger the need for more space, be that bedrooms or reception rooms, has grown with it. Also, as our older generation lives longer and nursing home bills continue to rise quicker than a rocket on the 5th of November (the average nursing home bill in the area being £732.43 per week) many families are bringing two households into one larger one. Continue reading “An extension could add £69,225 to the value of your Bexhill home”


Patrick’s Property Deals

If you are looking for a buy to let, then give the guys at Wyatt Hughes a call. They have got a rather nice 2 bedroom ground floor purpose built flat in popular Riders Bolt  which is on the old Hurchington estate in Bexhill-on-sea. This is a superbly presented apartment with a rather nice kitchen and shower room, generous, bright and airy living space and its vacant.  The town centre is about 1.1 miles away Continue reading “Patrick’s Property Deals”


Patrick’s Property Deals

Landlords and Property Investors, its another Buy to Let property deal Ive found for you.

Its in Reginald Road Bexhill-on-sea, number 75 and its a vacant property listed with Goring and Saunders in Battle. They are marketing a 3 bedroom Victorian styled terraced house that enjoys recently modernised accommodation with a separate lounge and dining room a good sized kitchen and outside space at the rear.  Continue reading “Patrick’s Property Deals”


Patrick’s Buy To Let Deals

This little gem is on the market with Redwell Estates in Bexhill-on-sea at the moment and I think it could  make a great buy to let property for you.

Its a 1 bedroom top floor flat with parking space positioned at the rear of the property in this modern block called Brooklands Lodge,  along Hastings Road Bexhill-on-sea.

The accommodation enjoys a bright and airy west facing outlook and is well placed for the Old Town of Bexhill and the town centre.

The price is £130,000 and has a good lease remaining.  The property is vacant at the moment and has recently been let for approximately £6,600 per annum (£550 pcm) and this would give you a yield of about 5.08%.  That’s not bad when you think about it.

The EPC is C and the Council Tax Band is B.  Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy the articles. Now call the agent and let me know what you think.


Patrick’s Buy To Let Deal

New to Patricks Buy To Let deals this week is this little gem.  I spotted this property whilst I was trawling the net the other day and thought what a good price for a 2 bedroom first floor flat with outside space on London Road, in Bexhill-on-sea.  So I investigated the agents website and downloaded the property details and found this.

Number 237 London Road Bexhill, TN39 4AH is a bright and airy flat with good sized accommodation its 75 M2 (square meters) with an EPC rating of D and Council Tax Band of A.  Its located approximately a mile from the centre of the town and close to local schools and bus services and nearby shops.

Now depending on what you pay for this flat and what you decide to rent it for is up to you, but at £140,000 and a potential rent of £8,400 per annum (£700 pcm) it would give you a yield of about 6%, now that’s not bad.  Give the agent a call, and let me know how you get on.

Another buy to let deal will be arriving soon, but for more of my articles go back to my main blog page, thank you for reading.